Mela Chiraghan – Where the light is More Powerful than the Shadow in Lahore

Festivals of Punjab Pakistan

Punjab is famous to the entire world for its lush soul and remarkable way of life. Blessed with the finest of natural resources, which are full of abundant soil, five rivers, mountains. We also blessed with sufficient greenery to create it among the most incredible places to reside. Punjab represents luxury and prosperity in its very best form.

Festivals of Punjab would be the ideal time to have the civilization’s vibrancy in its greatest manifestation.

Should you plan a visit to Punjab, be sure that you check the calendar for a few of those festivals. So you get to soak into the cultural richness of the state.

Here’s a prepared list of festivals in Punjab that’s celebrated throughout the year. Be sure that you include these in your travel itinerary. I bet that can make your trip even more rewarding.

The festivals of Punjab are among the gorgeous ways to find an insight into the Punjab customs and culture.

Have a peek at this list of all of Punjab’s best festivals that someone ought to be part of at least once in their lifetime.

Following are Festivals of Punjab Pakistan:


Hola Mohalla 


Chappar Mela 

Mela Chiraghan is also one of the celebrations of Punjab Pakistan. 

Trip To Lahore For Mela Chiraghan

My trip came just a day after the Lahore playground massacre. I had to block the images along with footage of the bomb sufferers from my thoughts.

The authorities had sealed off most of the streets leading to the shrine. There was just one designated place where doorways and metal detectors were set up. It was strangely heartening to determine beefed-up safety — I was body checked on three occasions.

As soon as I entered the festival, the absence of dread among the audience was absolute. Children were running around with no care; individuals from all around the country had begun to pay tribute.

Bonfire, Candles, And Lamps on Urs

The festival also featured a massive bonfire in Hussain’s shrine. The individuals threw in oils, candles, and lit cotton-up lamps together with the expectation that it would meet their fantasies. The flame has been lit for the whole period of the Urs.

The flame is lit for the whole period of the Urs.

For children, numerous swings and merry-go-rounds offered diversion.

It happened to me the significance of that which Gautama Buddha had formerly stated,

“Your worst enemy can’t hurt you as far as your very own unguarded thoughts.”

I stuck around there for some time, attempting to comprehend the mysterious behavior of individuals.

Stopping some in their paths, I asked them why they’d come after what happened yesterday? That is a crowded area and so an attractive target for a terrorist attack, ” I pointed out.

Their answer,

“We don’t have any fear of those cowards because our perception is powerful. We’ve come here to our saint.

A devotee, who’d come, stated he sensed a spiritual relationship with Shah Hussain’s teachings. “I’ve been engaging in such Urs parties for several decades. I feel rested once I see the shrine.”

Seeing an older woman lighting an oil lamp, I walked to her and introduced the same question. Somewhat nervous of my camera, she still uttered with a grin.

Since I took a photo of her and turned to walk off. Her voice brought me a relaxation that substituted the fear I’d felt just a day ago.

Mela Chiraghan in Childhood

Once I was young, we requested to illuminate our houses with candles and oil lamps as Mela Chiraghan will be coming.

It wasn’t only my home, but the whole road and Lahore were spotted illuminated to celebrate this festival of lights.

Throughout the days of Mela Chiraghan, my parents would take us into various sections of Lahore to observe the town’s décor and lighting, and trust me.

We’d waited for this time of the year to ensure we can watch oil lamps and other illuminations.

My grandparents explained that it had been such a wealthy activity at the same time, the government also utilized to ship out oil lamps to the people so they can light them up through these days.

Do you believe the present generation has some notion of those festivals? I am sure that they don’t have any thought as I asked many of the kids, and they were just like, what’s this.

That’s sad as we’re dropping the traditional festivities and moving to other tasks using alien actions and tendencies that do not belong to our civilization.

Let’s get to understand what Mela Chiraghan is. The festival started with all the seasonal Besakhi festivals in older times. This season Mela Chiraghan has been held from 30th March until 1st April 2021.

The festival was the most significant in Punjab, but today comes next to Basant.

History Of Mela Chiraghan

From historical accounts, we have to be aware that the ordinary peasants, Mughal rulers, the Punjabi Sikh residents, and British officers throughout their British Raj were able to appear at this festival, and it was a prestigious festival for all blowing off that the caste, creed, and faith.

History Of Mela Chiraghan

In the first share of the 19th century, even throughout the Sikh ruling interval in Punjab, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh had been direct a procession in the Lahore Fort for this festival website.

It’s also cited in the historical accounts the urs along with the meal were two individual events simultaneously and were united into a single Mela Chiraghan by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Allow me to tell you a fascinating fact about this festival of lights. Mela Chiraghan was referred to as Mela Shalimar since it might extend past the Shrine’s assumptions towards the Arabian Shalimar Gardens. Still, afterward, it had been restricted to the Shrine only.

Limiting the festival for this Shrine couldn’t lessen its prevalence and scale of devotees attending it.

From that time until today, each year, tens of thousands of devotees from all around the country come to the Shrine, place floral wreaths at the graves of Shah Hussain and Madho Lal, perform dhamal in the Shrine, light up candles for the satisfaction of the prayers and wishes and disperse langar ( free meals ).

Next Day Of Urs

The next day of this urs is exclusively for ladies. The principal characteristic of the festival is that the massive bonfire’Alao’ or ‘Mach’ in the Shrine of Hussain, where individuals throw oils, candles, wax, and lit up cotton lamps together with the expectation that it would meet their fantasies and wants and trust me it is a mind-blowing website to see. The flame also stays there for the whole period of this Urs that will be three days.

These Malangs begin coming into the Shrine nearly a week until the urs and start setting their little tents around the area, and from the time the urs and festival are begun, there’s not any place found, and it’s by far the most congested location. Well, it’s the belief and religion of the men and women who come there with the hope that their dreams will be fulfilled.

Another attraction for families is that a bazaar where children’s prices and countless stalls selling traditional food are put up. This is an actual standard Lahore festival, but sadly, the younger generation is oblivious to the festivity.

Now allow me to tell you this urs is celebrated and who’s Shah Hussain and Madho Lal. The majority of the people today believe the Madho Lal Hussain and Shah Hussain are the same individuals, but these are two distinct persons.

Sufi saint Shah Hussain

Sufi saint Shah Hussain (1538-1599), who dwelt in Lahore in the 16th century, was created in Taxali Gate of the submerged city of Lahore. It’s said that Shah Hussain was designed an extraordinary attachment for Madho Lal that was a 16-year-old Brahman boy.

On the other hand, Madho also acquired a robust relationship with Shah Hussain, and at a particular time, he embraced Islam and changed his title to Mehboob-ul-Haq, but he’s recalled as Madho to date.

It’s also stated that Shah Hussain’s passion for Madho contested the habits of conventionalists who’d made the faith a pair of rituals, rigid rules, restrictions, denial of joy and love, and negating the idea of emotions.

After Shah Hussain died in 1599, he was murdered in Lahore, and if Madho Lal died, he was buried alongside Shah Hussain at precisely the same Shrine. The Urs of Shah Hussain happens on the Exact Same Shrine at Baghbanpura, on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan, adjoining to the Shalimar Gardens, and we watch two graves there at the Shrine.

Shah Hussain has been the leader of Punjab Kafi poetry, and until today, it’s sung by tens of thousands of individuals. Shah Hussain’s poetry is composed entirely of brief poems, usually, four to ten lines, created for musical compositions, to be translated with the singing voices.


Today I find that almost all of the people today refrain from visiting the Shrine thanks to different stigmas attached to it, and also the most frequent one is that the existence of drug addicts. If the government manages the matter, it could indeed be a fantastic festival in Lahore.

In 2019, a brand new change was observed concerning the festival since the Walled City of Lahore Authority and the Punjab Auqaf Department have joined hands to celebrate this occasion. Celebrations of all Mela Chiraghan also have been held in different shrines in which dhamal and Qawwali performances are proposed.

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