Abaya Brands in Pakistan

Abaya. The term often gave an impression of a heavy robe in solid colors (predominately black) in a shapeless gown. This is not the case anymore. Similar to the evolution of humans; fashion especially abayas have evolved. Now available in beautiful colors, magnificent designs, appliques, and shapes; the abaya comes in various forms, shapes, designs, patterns, colors, and for many, it’s a symbol of culture and heritage.

There were times when women feel that fashion and Abaya cannot walk hand in hand. There are a plethora of accessories that will make your abaya fashion stand out in a crowd. Pair it with fancy earrings, glittering footwear, prominent bracelets, exquisite hijab caps, and elegant designs/appliques. Your abaya and its accessories don’t have to break your bank account; you must when what to buy.

Here are top brands in Pakistan that offer amazing abayas in a budget-friendly range with unique designs and comfortable fabrics.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list!!

  1. Zual Abayas: This brand can be found online. Zual Abayas is among the top abaya brands in Pakistan due to their elegant designs, and glittering sequins work. You can opt for their abayas for parties, weddings, and casual get-togethers. Designers outdid themselves and put together an amazing winter collection. You can be sure to have an eye-catching abaya that offers modesty yet isn’t lagging in the fashion world.
  1. Abaya.pk:  A brand that doesn’t disappoint. Laid its foundation back in 2013, this brand is continuously moving towards the top. Reasonable price range is a reason but women choose it because of its unique color combinations, patterns, appliques, and designs. Their fabric is of the most premium quality, stitching is unparalleled, and have a huge collection that includes hijabs, scarves, and under-scarves. Also, you can get your hands on the latest jewellery items matching your abaya purchase. You can request customizations, international delivery, COD, Return & Exchange policy (refer to the website), and other amazing features the brand is offering.
  • Hijabeaze:  A brand that offers a good range of casual wear abayas. 

You have a wide range of abaya designs to choose from. Also, they offer accessories like scarves and head caps. To provide their customers with shopping ease, they have an online shopping store as well. Be it contemporary designs or traditional ones; the brand ensures that you will get what you’re looking for. You can select an abaya(s) on their website and Facebook page.

  1. Dignité Abayas: Another top-notch abaya brand based in Islamabad. If you’re saddened by this news, don’t be. Diginite Abayas have an online store that provides delivery throughout Pakistan. Offering traditionally perfect abayas, seamless stitching, amazing collection of accessories with an economical price range.
  1. Islamic Shop: Abayas are independent of who and when you wear them and this is the objective of this brand. Islamic shop has a big collection of abayas for every occasion- regular wear or formal, summers fabric or winters. The brand offers COD like the majority and has an online media presence as well. You can order them via their website. Recently, they have uploaded their newest collection for abaya designs 2021. 
  1. Zardi: Multicolored abayas with intricate designs are the speciality of this brand. Zardi deals in abaya along with several other clothing articles. All the designers of brands do marvelous and mind-blowing jobs; the same is the case with this brand. They offer unique designs, customizations, COD, and amazing winter deals. With their trending designs and popular cuts, Zardi is slowly making progress in the market. 

Just like any other piece of clothing, you must upgrade your abayas with respect to season and the latest trends. You can spice up your abayas with contemporary jewelers, fashionable footwear, head caps, scarves, and whatnots. Nothing is stopping you from going overboard with your fashion sense and artistic nature- not even abaya. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while wearing or buying an abaya like length, colors according to the season, sizing, and material/fabric. Rest, let your creativity run wild with glamorizing your abayas!

If you’re new in the abaya fashion, head to the abaya.pk and select from a wide range of collections. The amazing thing about this brand is they offer you help in selecting abayas and related accessories. You can simply ask for their assistance and viola! They will give the most precise and fashionable hints and tips to help you in assembly a unique abaya outfit!

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