List Of Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

Internet services are essential services we need at our home and offices. You can find the number of brands and internet services active in Pakistan. After the disturbing situation created by the pandemic, it is very important to select a good internet connection to do work from home.

According to the telecommunication authority, the internet users are above 30 million in Pakistan. Nowadays, fiber optics are very trendy and active in providing web access to consumers and businesses. After the great achievement in online business, Pakistani e-commerce sectors experience exclusive progress. There are many local and renowned ISPs working in Pakistan. Many of them are doing a great job in providing fast internet services; however, these broadband and wifi services failed to provide efficient speed in many rural areas.

These internet services offer plenty of choices to the consumers; they offer a great package of technologies, speed, and reasonable prices. The most popular ISP is PTCL in Pakistan; they offer ptclspeed ranging from 10 to 100 Mbps with different affordable packages. ISPs were established to provide Internet connection to employees at their homes and other locations. Individuals and corporations pay Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for online services. At access networks, ISPs are connected.

The Pakistan government is proactive in providing cheap and fast access to the internet to every part of the country and making the country into a telecommunication hub. Here is the list of well-known internet services providers in Pakistan.

The 10 Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

Many local and renowned companies are active in Pakistan and provide reliable internet services. However, some of them play an effective role in providing the best internet services for consumers. Their speed and rates may vary from place to place, but these ten internet services providers are the most reliable in Pakistan.

  • PTCL: Pakistan telecommunication company

PTCL is the most active and old company for an internet service provider. It is the national telecommunication company of Pakistan. Despite the arrival of a dozen local and renowned Internet service provider companies, PTCL is still playing a backbone role for the country’s telecommunication infrastructure. PTCL is also the owner of two subsidiaries which are Ufone and Ubank. It is also a part of the four major networks of Pakistan, i.e., submarine communication cable, sea-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4, and I-ME-WE, AAE-1.

PTCL also provides VFone and high-speed broadband internet services all over Pakistan. When any network is not working, PTCL is always there to help you.

PTCL also signed a collaboration with Netflix in 2016 to add less high streaming.

PTCL is now ready to lead the next race of 5G networking and successfully conducted a trial.

  • Storm fiber the most reliable internet service

Stormfiber internet services providers are very active in spreading their web all over the country, but they cannot provide the best speed at the best rate. Their main motto is to let the consumers access the high-speed internet.

Storm fiber provides you with different affordable packages with high-quality speed. They aim to provide the true power of the internet.


  • This company is well known for its triple-play package service in Pakistan. They are introducing new technologies with unique and attractive packages. This company is recently more active in Punjab province and Capital city, i.e., Islamabad, so they offer FTTH service in these cities. They are offering unlimited packages for YouTube channels.

 Triple play package includes internet, phone, and television service. They aim to provide unlimited downloads with high speed at reasonable prices.

  • WI-Tribe

It is a Qatar-based country, started in Pakistan in 2007, and covers the areas of Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Islamabad with high-quality speed. WI-Tribe internet services providers gain popularity from 2004 to 2010 in these areas and provide various affordable packages.

  • Fiberlink: Aims to provide the best speed

Fiberlink is the best internet speed provider in Pakistan; they provide speeds up to 200 Mbps, which increase further at night.

Fiberlink offers a variety of affordable packages very suitable for students and businesses.

They offer fiber optic services in different countries and play an important role in making Pakistan a telecommunication hub.

  • World call

Internet is very important for developing a country; therefore, many companies play an effective role in making the Pakistani network boom worldwide. Therefore world call is also one of the best internet service provider companies in Pakistan. They are providing their reliable service at cheap rates but in limited areas.

  • Wateen Telecom

Wateen is considered as the sister concern of the warid telecommunication company. It is the old active company of the country and provides its services in Lahore and many other cities. Wateen Telecom started in 2005 and continued to grow in 2007, with the largest fiber-optic network in Pakistan.

They aim to provide the best network speed for their consumers. It is still active in many regions with reasonable packages and quality speed.

  • Qubee ISP

It is an immature company that was launched in 2007, and it covers different areas of Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Islamabad. They offer the best packages for postpaid, prepaid, and youth packages. Their users are very satisfied with their customer services and high-quality speed.

  • COMSATS internet services providers in Pakistan

This internet services providers company covers all the major cities of Pakistan. COMSATS is a very well-known internet service associated with the COMSATS institute of technology. It has been active in Pakistan since 2004, but many people don’t want to use their connections due to its limited services. They offer affordable packages to attract more users and try to make their services Better.

Pakistan is a developing country; government and private sectors and industries are making a great effort to modest land. Internet services are very important for the country’s success; the internet has radically changed the concept of business, education, technology, and innovations. Therefore, the government must develop internet services and make efforts at the international level.

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