Covid-19 Pandemic and Online Learning System: Does It Impact the Lives Of Students?

With the bleak turn of events concerning Covid-19, the majority of educational institutes around the world are continuing online courses. The one-year marker of online learning has already been crossed for most students and regular schooling is yet to commence. What are the impacts of this drastic long-term transformation on the well-being and, specifically, the mental health of students?

Most universities and colleges have announced to continue with online learning until the new term. Even if students have returned back to campus the lessons they are receiving remain virtual. While others have encouraged pupils to take classes from home. It is evident from research that online learning is equally beneficial or even better than traditional learning methods. But experts are also worried that it might take a toll on the emotional and mental faculties of the students.


Amy Bintliff, a professor at the University of California and a developmental psychologist, shed some light on the topic. According to her, this situation can create a mismatch between reality and expectation. Important college life experiences, such as graduation ceremonies, will not occur for them. Students will struggle with losing these coming-of-age events, which are important for personal growth.

The social environment of a university campus allows students to learn to cope with different situations. They negotiate through unique scenarios and strive to find where they fit in the scheme of things. They could be invited to meet or join a social network when on campus. Those things are not possible with online learning. The development of social skills and abilities which come with university life is currently being stilted. Most students now gravitate only toward the people they know instead of reaching out to build new connections.


At this rate, college students will likely experience a lack of motivation and alienation. It is also a huge trigger for students to feel socially isolated. They already miss spending time with classmates. Even faculty members are experiencing a loss of communication with their colleagues. The organic development of spontaneous relationships is absent from online learning.

Bonds made in the context of a college education are meaningful and essential. They play an important role in helping students feel excited about studying and make more effort to participate. It engages and motivates them so they can learn more effectively. By conscious effort, professors can lessen some of the isolation students feel. They can also create groups and spaces online to encourage students to connect and speak their minds.


It will not be wrong to say that the challenges students face will continue for some time. Some lack the quiet and space at home to study peacefully. Others have to deal with health and financial crises or family responsibilities.

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That said, issuing a definite list of consequences is still too soon. If considering only academics, student performance is comparatively improved. Experts also noticed that some students wrongly assessed that with online learning, they could handle more credits than normal. But this proved to be overwhelmingly difficult to juggle halfway through.

On the other hand, many instructors had to mold their lesson plans to fit into the online pattern. Moreover, it also took them some time to get familiar with the technology. As a result, courses were initially conducted a bit haphazardly. But with the continuation of this mode of learning, teachers are better equipped now. Students are more likely now to receive a high-quality learning experience. Therefore, it has taken effort on everyone’s part to get used to this transformation.


Another factor being affected by online learning is the student-teacher bond. One reason why intellectuals seek the path of teaching is to connect with their pupils. They love having conversations with the students and actively help resolve any issues. Nurturing and developing a student’s personality is a source of satisfaction for a mentor. On campus, they can have face-to-face meetings and offer counseling for troubled minds.

Although many conveniences exist for students and mentors in online learning, issues remain. As adults, teachers can cope with the alienation part, but it might affect younger students more severely. However, online learning is a need that cannot be avoided under current circumstances. Teachers must develop strategies allowing students to share themselves on virtual platforms. Lives have been upended for everyone due to Covid-19, and society as we know it has changed. But we need to perceive that not all is negative.


Students and teachers can develop new skills and find new goals by working together. A sense of purpose is vital more than ever now for the well-being of our minds. They can be effective weapons to fight these internal battles and isolation, making overcoming challenges easier. If everyone begins seeing it as a growth experience, this situation can turn positive.

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