Shab e Meraj Date in Pakistan – Dua, Waqiat, Salatul Tasbih

On the 27th night of Rajab, Muslims celebrated Shab e Meraj. This is also called Laylatul Meraj and Shab-e-Miraj-un-Nabi (SAWW). It occurs on 27 Rajab Shab e Meraj. The festival of Shab e Meraj commemorates Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey to meet Allah. Muslims commemorate the occasion by praying, gathering, reciting the Quran, and supplicating.

Shab e Meraj will be celebrated on February 18, 2023. The Shab e Meraj date may change depending on when the moon is visible.

Shab E Meraj 2023 in Pakistan:

This year Muslims will praise the day with heaps of affection and dedication.

This Day is a public Pakistan event, and other Islamic nations’ regulations in Pakistan permit representatives to pick a predetermined number of occasions from a rundown of discretionary occasions.

A few workers might decide to go home for the rest of the day on this day. Nonetheless, most workplaces and organizations stay open.

Shab e Meraj 2023 in Pakistan starts on the evening of 18th February 2023. Shab e Miraj Business and occasion regulations in Pakistan permit representatives to pick a predetermined number of occasions from a rundown of discretionary occasions.

Shab e Miraj In a Real Sense Means?

This occasion commends the night the Prophet (S.A.W.W) went to the Heavens from Makkah’s Masjid Al-Haram. One of the incredible gifts of this night was that compulsory Prayer (Five Salah) was organized for Muslims. Like different occasions and events of the favored existence of our Prophet (S.A.W.W) To begin with, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) went from Makkah (Kaaba) to Jerusalem (Masjid Al-Aqsa). Afterward, he (S.A.W.W) rose to the sky by the desire of Allah.

The night went on with the head of all Angels, Jibrael (A.S.), showing up before the Prophet (S.A.W.W). Shab e Meraj That evening, He met the maker.

It was one of the most wonderful days in Islam when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the Isra, and afterward, he went to Miraj.

This Piece of the Prophet’s (S.A.W.W) Venture is Referenced in Quran:

After Prophet (S.A.W.W) crossed Sidrat Al-Muntaha, he (S.A.W.W) was then introduced to the Divine Presence. He got the nearest conceivable proximity to Allah however Prophet (S.A.W.W) didn’t see Allah with his eyes. The answer is also visible from the hadith that follows.

Ordination of Five Daily Prayers:

During the Devine Presence of Allah, Prophet (S.A.W.W) was appointed 50 day-by-day petitions for himself and his Ummah.

During the Devine Presence of Allah, Prophet (S.A.W.W) After getting this request from Allah, Prophet (S.A.W.W) returned and came back; however, Prophet Musa (A.S.) encouraged him to request that Allah diminish the number of the Prayer. The Muslim Ummah would not have the option to perform countless such petitions.

Dua e Meraj and Salatul Tasbih:


The Shab e Meraj is a significant Night of Ascension that all Muslims should perform. Muslims can pray or dua for a whole night because it’s a night of blessings.

Salatul Tasbih:

Muslims perform different Nawafil during the whole night, including Salatul Tasbih.

Shab e Meraj Nawafil:

The blessings of twelve nawafil on the 27th night of Shab e Meraj are explained in Urdu in the image below.

Furthermore, make Dua for his/her strict and common matters.

Quick toward the beginning of the day.

Then, at that point, ALLAH Tala will acknowledge all of his/her Duas.

To get more knowledge about Shab Meraj, you can read risala Kafan ki Wapsi (Writer: Muhammad Ilyas Attari Qadri Rizvi).

You can also download it free through this link:

This risala is available in sixteen languages on the above link.

Shab e Meraj Waqia in Urdu (Reference From Quran o Hadith):

When the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered the supplication, then, at that point, he climbed to the skies.

He didn’t just watch a few supernatural sights alongside limitless heavenly messengers. However, he additionally met with various past prophets.

Aside from this, he was welcomed with unforeseen energy and bliss during the excursion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Along these lines, he was glad as a result of this evening.

It turns out to be some way or hard to envision the sensations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he met with his siblings, who left due to the challenges and preliminaries.

Nonetheless, the prophet was invited with warmth and love. Thus, they generally told him, Welcome.

In Bukhari Sharif, it was likewise said that he was welcomed this way, O devout Prophet and Pious sibling by different prophets.

It tends to be seen that after the difficulty Prophet faced, then, at that point, he got such an extraordinary night in his life so he could see heaven. Aside from this, the most excellent landscape brought to him toward the finish of the excursion was the presence of the Divine.

Shab e Meraj With A Logical Viewpoint

Shab e Meraj-A logical viewpoint It has been a continuous discussion and conversation for a long time concerning the strategy for the development of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and his posterity during the Meraj.

Meraj Festivals:

Shab e-Meraj, the Shab e-For Muslims, is one of their two major festivals, along with Eid ul Fitr (which follows Ramadan).

The Islamic calendar is lunar, and its months follow a cycle similar to the moon—from 29 to 30 days each year.

This day is always set by local astronomers who can predict its position based on prior years’ calculations and observations.

To Muslims worldwide, it’s one of their most important celebrations.

How To Wish Shab e Meraj Mubarak To You?

The event of Shab e Meraj is tied in with going to Maghrib after the Isha Namaz and looking for the gifts of Allah. This is a holy night of the year and one of my favorites. Please make me part of your daily prayers, and may Allah give you what you need and wish for during this holiday season. And finally, may he give you success in all of your endeavors.

It’s a wonderful day to celebrate Shab-e-Miraj with your family. This is the ideal time to focus on the blessings and favors of God. If you feel the urge to be grateful for everything in your life, go for it.

We wish you a happy Laylatul Meraj.

What is Meraj, And For What Reason Is It Significant?

In Islam, Meraj is one of Prophet Mohammad’s (SM) most important things. Meraj is the night ALLAH invited Prophet Mohammad (SM) to the Arsh and sky.

Prophet Mohammad (SM) additionally met different noticeable prophets on that evening. On this excursion, Angel Ziberail gave to go with him.

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