Top Pakistani Festivals and Their Activities

They are resplendent with all sizes and types of kites. The whole population participates in kite flying games to herald the arrival of spring. That’s precisely why this festival is recognized as”Jashn-e-Baharan.” There are many best and top Pakistani festivals we discuss.

The festival is at its top in the lively town of Lahore. Lahorites enthusiastically engage in various enjoyable activities while kite flying becomes the major attraction.

Basant isn’t merely a kite-flying event but also a cultural festival of conventional meals, dresses, music, and dances.

Pakistani Festivals Highlights

While the women are given beautifully decorated Gajras (traditional bangles made from flowers), Yellow is the most important color on this occasion.

It portrays the blossoming spring blossoms in the fields of Punjab. Night-time kite flying is just another spectacular sight to see.

The whole sky is lit with heavy-duty lights, and within these eliminated skies, one can see countless white-colored kites dance and rival for supremacy over the other.

This setting is further educated with barbecues and loud tempting music coming from all areas of town. Aside from this, you may also experience many flavors of this culturally rich city of Lahore.

Lok Virsa/Folk Festival – The Best Festivals Of Pakistan

The most significant cultural action in Pakistan is that yearly Over the previous two decades. This festival has taken on a global flavor.

Over 20 distinct nations have sent their leaders and actors to take part in the holiday season. The festival is now a matter of pride for actors and artisans, who come on their own to take part.

Most significant of all, the Provinces of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir set up superbly decorated pavilions.

People have the unique chance to observe various Pakistan’s traditionally wealthy culture in Islamabad’s national capital for a thrilling ten times.

An exhibition of people at work under the banner of this Heritage Museum forms the festival’s heart.

On the day, they put music concerts from all areas of Pakistan. Documentation of this festival is performed by Lok Virsa’s investigators, who interview each of the artists and painters.

Participants in the Pakistani Festivals

Participants come from All Around Pakistan. You’d Be able An individual may discover various pavilions exhibiting the crafts of their respective provinces.

The Kashmir pavilion may show giant crafts out of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, such as Embroidered shawls, Nanda, and Gabba (flooring rugs and wall hangings), woodworks, basketry, metal crafts, and jewelry, etc.

Even the Punjab Pavilion may host conventional food items and listen and sing delights of Punjab folk tunes. Punjabi design handicrafts also manage to capture audience focus.

In the Balochistan pavilion, you may expect to have Depictions of nomadic Balochi lifestyles and traditional artisans showing their abilities of different Baloch crafts.

Leather embroidery crafts and crafts with date leaves will also be prime choices of curiosity in this pavilion. Aside from this, one can expect to acquire a flavor of Balochi folk tunes and their all famed dish referred to as”Sajji.”

The Sindh pavilion can offer depictions of Sindh life design, village landscapes, and working people. Artisans are preparing different crafts along with their traditional folk tunes and tools. “Ajrak,” a traditionally created shawl, is most certainly the most emphasized appeal of the pavilion.

The N.W.F.P. Pavilion includes the Pashtoon culture, customs, cuisine, and crafts. Glittering ore crafts of Brass and Copper are exhibited in a fantastic variety together with stalls of traditionally generated baskets. Stone carving, usually performed on gravestones, can be shown in a diversified fashion employed on planters, tabletops, and wall hangings.

In addition to this Pathan, amateurs perform their famous”Khattak Dance” and provide their conventional”Chapple Kebab” to your eating delights. Aside from such pavilions, you may witness all sorts of cuisine, musical galas, crafts bazaar, Lok Virsa’s screen, and purchase stalls. A richly cherishable experience jumped to make a lasting impression.

Silk Route Festival

Festival on the roof of this world in which organic environs significantly, Artisans from distant parts of Northern regions will be in the office in superbly designed and recorded pavilions.

Folk Music Groups:

Little open-air stages will be put up in the festival grounds in different cities to show folk musicians from all around the Northern regions.

Exotic Craft Bazaar:

Exotic regional bazaars will be held, for example, Sunday & Friday markets to the regional communities where people can sell, trade, or present local produce, offering an unlimited assortment of cabin planes, Toys, flea-market, etc.

Food & Fruit Fair:

Significantly, food festivals will be kept in co-operation with resorts and communities in several places; farmers will display and promote the fruit.

Polo Matches and Indigenous Sports Events:

Many Polo games will significantly attract national tourists and overseas visitors to Gilgit and Skardu.

Camping Villages & Open Air neighborhood restaurants:

Will probably be installed in the panoramic sports for nature fans.

Ethnic Fashion Display:

Firstly, depicting regional legends and cultural conventions will be held. Therefore, with the few regions in the world that have a fascinating mixture of history, adventure, natural beauty, culture, and trade in Asia’s cross streets.

In conclusion, this site and its native heritage of crafts, arts, history, landscape, people, cultures, and products are unique experiences. You’re encouraged into the Silk Route Festival at Pakistan Northern Areas.

Similarly, passion for Polo is the greatest on the planet’s most excellent Polo ground. Shandur invites people to experience a traditional polo championship involving the groups of Chitral and throughout the 2nd week of July.

The tournament is held on Shandur Pass, the maximum polo ground in the entire world in 3,700 meters. The festival will also incorporate folk dancing and music along with also a camping village is put up.


Polo is an equestrian game with its source embedded in, and In the beginning, it was a coaching match for cavalry units for the King’s defenses or other elite troops.

The war, such as tribesmen who played with as many as 100 players to a side, turned into a mini-battle. It turned into a Persian national match in the 6th century A.D. Back in China, in the year 910, the passing of a favorite relative in a game motivated Emperor Apao-Chi to dictate the beheading of players!

Firstly, Polo was released in South Asia by the Muslim conquerors from the 13th century. Nowadays, there are just six players to your side. However, that is by no means a guideline in neighborhood polo games.

Similarly, there was not any limit to the number of players and no time limitation. The current match using six players at a side lasts 1 hour using a ten-second break. Gilgit, Chitral, and Skardu have consistently played the sport of Polo nearest to its first type.

Before, local Rajas, Mirs, and Mehtars were the sponsors of this match. At times, over 50 percent of the principalities’ yearly budget will encourage the game.

Competition Gilgit and Chitral

Similarly, this occasion marks the yearly competition between the polo groups of Gilgit and Chitral. The Polo championship has some additional attractions for its people; trout fishing in the local rivers and streams and a festival of folk music, and Northern Pakistan’s dances.

The highlight of this festival is the Last match involving the Gilgit and Chitral teams. The closing supplies a most vibrant spectacle. Supporters of both sides travel extended distances from Chitral and Gilgit’s distant parts to see the thrilling match.

However, this big Pakistan event, as such, provides a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of the people of the area. Their culture and native customs are a joy to behold for its people.

Festival Information

It’s a Good Idea to be there one day in advance to enjoy all The offerings of this festival. Tasks at Shandur include music and dancing performances by distinct groups, salmon fishing, mountaineering trekking, trekking, and horse riding.


The tournament offers visitors and a chance to mix with the natives.

The Way to achieve?

The Shandur Pass is located almost midway between Chitral and Gilgit on a jeep road, traveling which is daring, to say the very least. You will find two flights out of the destinations, subject to weather.

Visitors intending to move by air has to anticipate modification of minimal 02 times in their itineraries in case the weather doesn’t allow flights to run. Accessibility to Chitral by street is from Peshawar or by Islamabad.

Similarly, these two paths join in reduced Swat valley nearby Chakdara, from where you move via Dir over 3200 meters top Lowari Pass and to Chitral. It takes about 11 hours to get a quick trip; differently, a stopover in Dir is suggested. By Dir, you change to 4×4 jeeps to your onward travel to Chitral and Shandur.


Corporation (P.T.D.C.) has established its new motels with facilities like attached Personal resorts. On the pass, a tent village with all amenities is put up.

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