What Is Paraphrasing and How You Can Use It Correctly For Academic Papers?

English is a universal language, therefore, used in many academic as well as professional institutions for communicating. In addition to it, multilingualism is a new trend of the world where it is important to learn multiple languages in order to express yourself to more people and to great masses. Since English is spoken and understood widely, it would be more beneficial to learn to speak and write the global language. One of the greatest and proven ways of learning any language is writing it down so that it could be reserved for a longer time period. English can be learnt through delving into literature as well since most of the language is put out in the form of literature only be it any vernacular. (ThoughtCo, n.d.)

Furthermore, English is one of the many languages used around the globe for communication and also one of the most widely used languages standing at number three when we rank the most used languages in the world. Furthermore, along with academics; English is majorly used for business purposes as well since it is also an official language for crucial institutes of the world.

How To Use The Language For Academic Writing?

It has been dug out from local researches that many of the professors complain about their students not writing the academic papers as per the benchmark which creates a problem. When asked professors what could be done to avert the incorrect writing patterns, most of them asked to provide relevant and adequate guidance and advice regarding the concept and details of writing the academic paper.  

Along with the professors, the researcher also questioned the students to figure out what is missing or where the students are lacking and almost half of the population claims that it is utterly arduous to compose a report consisting of thousands of words that also keep the authenticity of the work intact because plagiarism is considered as a crime. (Strauss, 2012)

Stealing someone else’s content without their knowledge is not only frowned upon but also penalized. To save, oneself from the risk of plagiarism, citation and references is what is supposed to be used so that the writer is not accused of using the content without the original writer’s knowledge. Assignment experts also strongly suggest putting the citations and references in the paper to mention the resource where the content have been taken form 

What Is Meant By Paraphrasing? 

Paraphrasing is another method of avoiding plagiarism in the report. Assignment writers along with the usage of proper citation suggest paraphrasing the content and using some of their own wordings whenever a writer composes a report. 

Paraphrasing if elucidated in simple words is taking the help from other resources, however, using one’s own wordings to write it down. This means taking the idea but explaining that idea in new words is called paraphrasing. (Wordvice, n.d.)

Professional assignment writing services providers assist the students about how and when to do the paraphrasing and when directly quote the author in your paper. Following are the key features of paraphrasing; (UNSW, n.d.)

  • Different words
  • Take the idea from the source in one’s own word
  • The paraphrased content should retain the original meaning from the source

These are some of the features that should be followed precisely when the writer paraphrases the content. 

Quoting on the other hand opposite characteristics;

  • Match the words with the source
  • Must use the quotation marks at the start and end of the sentence
  • Must be the original source 

How To Paraphrase?

As mentioned above, paraphrasing is the way of altering the original source with keeping the meaning of the sentence intact, however, a writer must know how to do the paraphrasing so that the meaning of the source is not lost and also doesn’t seem plagiarized. for example;

  • Read and understand the content carefully so that it becomes easier for the writer to alter the words in a different manner.
  • Focus on the keywords
  • Cover the essential information carefully and precisely 
  • Use a different style of writing in rephrasing the sentence than the original one
  • Use synonyms but the writer should pay attention to the words they are using since only those synonyms be used that are relevant to the text and make sense according to the rest of the report.
  • Alter the structure of sentences than the original for example, break longer sentences into short or vice versa
  • Change the information order but this should be shrewdly so no meaning is lost during the shifting
  • Understand the authors intent and follow that, however, the new writer may include their opinion but it should not overshadow the original one

Why Paraphrasing Is Important?

Right paraphrasing of the report is an indication that the writer has fully understood the concept of the article that they are capable of producing new content in their own words. With paraphrasing the writer has the liberty to use the useful material for their research but citation and referencing should never be forgotten even in paraphrasing since the idea is not original is rephrasing. That is why, the writer must follow the rules defined above to paraphrase their assignment and report because these are the steps that have been approved by the assignment writers as well and would definitely benefit the writer in composing a report that has all the useful, relevant, and appropriate information without any fear of plagiarism either accidental or intentional. However, it is always safe to take help from the professional services providers who would not only proofread the content for the writers but would also provide assistance on how to correct the blunders. Also, if it wills to the writer, they can take the editing services as well and get their paper checked by the experts and professionals. (La Trobe, n.d.)

These few investments are always healthy and never goes in vain. The writer can gain good grades, a promotion, or a widely published paper without any discrepancies that also easily and without consuming a long time. 

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