23 March Pakistan Day – Pakistan Resolution Day

Pakistan Day (Urdu: یوم پاکستان, (Land of the Pure) is a Pakistan national day which is observed on 23 March Pakistan day every year. 

Pakistan Resolution Day is Pakistan’s national holiday, but also a state-wide public holiday in Pakistan.

The independence of Pakistan was declared on 14 August 1947. It’s the story of our history and how we came together as a nation.

Pakistan was founded as an independent state in 1947 on the grounds of an Islamic state. The foundation of the country has come under attack in the last few years as Islamic terrorist groups in the country have threatened to kill non-Muslims in the country.

The Pakistan resolution day is celebrated yearly throughout the country, which is an important date in Pakistani history, both politically and historically.

History Of 23 March Pakistan Day

The Muslim League Annual Meeting in Minto Park in March 1940 marked the beginning of Pakistan’s existence as a state. The first step in this process was taken by founding Father Muhammad Ali Jinnah who called for a meeting of all the Muslim League leaders in Minto Park.

This was the first time that the Muslim League would hold an annual meeting, where all the league’s members would meet and discuss their political future.

The Resolution stated: “The resolution is as follows: No constitutional plan will be acceptable to the Muslims if any change is made in the areas under Muslim rule.

That there is a need to establish new states within the country, which would be based on the principle of equitable sharing of power and resources among the regions.

The plan to divide India into separate dominions was announced in 1947, but the two new states of India and Pakistan were not created until a year later in August and August respectively. Pakistan was quickly recognized as a migrant state born in the midst of conflict. 

Pakistan has had a complicated history with India, which culminated in the 1971 War. The independence of Pakistan from Great Britain was celebrated on 14 August 1947, but the birth of Pakistan came with a lot of strife as it emerged from being part of the British Empire.

Lahore Resolution

The Lahore Resolution was a document by Indian nationalist Muhammad Ali Jinnah that declared a separate Muslim state in British India. It was adopted on 11 August 1940 by the All-India Muslim League at its second session.

Date of Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is an official national holiday in Pakistan. It is celebrated on 23 March in Pakistan every year, with the Pakistan Resolution day observed on 14 August.

Pakistan Day Timeline

Allama Iqbal was one of the great Muslim philosophers. He said that Pakistan would bring about a great Muslim revival. In fact, he even suggested the name for a new nation Pakistan.

Pakistan has officially become an independent nation today. It’s now a full member of the United Nations and has a new capital city – Islamabad.

The National Flag

On this day, raise the Pakistani national flag in your home. Witness the parades at your local place, as well as across the nation.

In addition to the parades, there are additional events to commemorate this day.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan Day

The formal name for the Resolution on Transfer of Power to Muslims in India and Pakistan is the Lahore Resolution.

1.     The Lahore Resolution

The Lahore Resolution was adopted on the third day of the three-day session, which took place from March 22 to March 24, 1940. The date it was signed is referred to as Minar-e-Pakistan.

2.     Minar-e-Pakistan

In commemoration of this day, the Minar-e-Pakistan was built on the site where the Lahore Resolution was signed. It has a copy of the original document etched on it. 

3.     Carving on the Minar-e-Pakistan

The historic Declaration of Independence, signed on August 14, 1947, was followed on March 23, 1956 by the creation of the nation of Pakistan.

4.     Separate state

Every nation has the right to have a separate state. We’re pleased that Muslims got their own state where they can live freely and protect their fundamental rights. Muslims have shown great unity during the years of struggle for a separate homeland.

The Muslim nation is an example of a united nation that fought together against oppression and discrimination. We observe this day to inspire Muslim solidarity amid difficult times.

5.     Largest mass migration

After the creation of Pakistan, an estimated 20 million people migrated from India to settle in what was then called West Pakistan. It was an enormous undertaking and a major event in Pakistan’s history.

How is Pakistan Day Celebrated?

The annual Day of Democracy in Pakistan (DoDP) celebrations in Islamabad, Pakistan mark the start of the country’s democracy movement. The celebrations are a great way to kick off the year.

It’s National Day in Pakistan! Many buildings and offices have lit up their buildings, and flags have been unfurled across the country.

President George W. Bush conferred the National Security Medal on eight US Army Soldiers who fought in Iraq. President Barack Obama has announced that the US would award the Medal of Honor posthumously to Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta for actions in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Army’s Military Parade is an annual event on the National Day of the Pakistan Armed Forces to commemorate the Pakistan Army. The ceremony honors the military personnel and includes contingents of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. It is overseen by the President of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Day Parade, or as it is commonly known the National Day Joint Services Parade, is one of the largest parades in the world. It takes place every year on the 23 March and is the culmination of the annual celebrations in Pakistan for the country’s independence.

FAQs About Pakistan Day

Who suggested the name Pakistan?

Chaudry Rehmat Ali, a Pakistani activist, and politician said he wanted to find a new name for Pakistan.

 Why is Pakistan so well-known around the world?

Pakistan is well-known throughout the world for its numerous accomplishments. It is home to two Nobel laureates, six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the world’s biggest contiguous irrigation system.

Why is August 14, 1947, such a significant occasion for all Pakistanis?

Pakistan was formally established on this date in 1947. It’s been a long path, but the country is now coming together.

How to Observe Pakistan Day?

Hang the Pakistani Flag from your roof. This flag has been associated with our country for the last 71 years and should not be ignored!

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