Common Problems With PDF Files And Their Solutions!

PDF file format is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used file formats across the globe. Today, many industries have set it as the standard file format for receiving and sharing textual or visual files. There are tons of advantages to PDF files, but this doesn’t mean that they are perfect. PDF has its drawbacks and disadvantages, like all other common file formats.

If you face problems with PDF files, you have landed on the right spot; in this post, you will find details about the common issues users face and their solutions.

Common PDF Problems Faced By Everyone & Simple Solutions!

These solutions are going to help you solve your day to day PDF management problems. People of all industries can practice the solutions or PDF management tips discussed below.

Content Lockdown Problem – Unable To Copy Content From the File!

One of the common issues users face related to PDF files is that they cannot copy content from them. Well, suppose you are facing the problem of content lockdown (non-copy-paste-ability). In that case, it means that the file has been created from a scanned document. You need to understand that not all PDF files can provide access for copying. When a document is scanned, the scanner tool is considered an image, even if it is 100% based on text. The PDF file that you obtain after scanning is just an image filled up with thousands of words.

If you want to copy text from scanned PDF files, the ultimate solution is to use an OCR reader. Optical character recognition readers, also known as image to text converter tools, can easily help you extract each word from the input file. Different image converter tools and applications can help you copy text from jpg, png, and even PDF files.

Not Friendly on Mobile Devices – Unable to View Files Properly

PDF is a universal file format and can easily be shared across different platforms. Well, you must know that a mobile phone can surely read the PDF file created on a computer system. Still, if the PDF file is large, you might have to zoom in and out to understand the file’s contents. If you have received a PDF folder filled with tons of pages, it cannot be very pleasant for the user to go through the complete document.

Now the solution to this problem is quite simple. You can separate PDF files online using online PDF spit tools. If you save each page as a separate PDF, you can easily view the document in detail on your mobile’s small screen. You can also delete PDF pages that are blank or unnecessary in the folder.

Unable to Make Changes in the PDF File – Editing Restrictions

By nature, PDF files cannot be edited. Portable file format (PDF) cannot be edited, so people prefer them to be the best sharing format. However, suppose PDF files have mistaken, plagiarism, or require modification. It can be frustrating for the person managing the document. Making amendments in PDF files means finding its word source file and revising the content over there. If you cannot find the original word file, you probably have to rewrite all of the content while making the revisions.

The solution to this problem is “PDF to word converter online free tool”! Today you don’t have to worry about manually editing or modifying PDF files. You can easily use online PDF converter tools for this purpose. Just input the messed up PDF file in the PDF to word converter and hit the ‘convert’ button. You would get an editable word file in less than seconds. You can also edit PDF files if you are using the latest version of Microsoft Word.

Unable to Control Versions of PDF File

Even if you have edited a PDF file, it is still possible that its old version can pop up in front of your partners or colleagues. PDF doesn’t allow users to manage its different versions, especially if you edit the file using online tools.

The best solution for this problem is to delete PDF versions. After editing the PDF file, you need to save it again in a new file format rather than manipulating the old file. You must delete PDF pages containing the old versions.

PDF Images are not SEO-Friendly

You can indeed add PDF image files on your website, and the search engine can crawl and rank them. But you must know that the process to index PDF files is a lot more different than indexing conventional website content. Now, suppose you are uploading PDF files on a website. In that case, you are simply making it hard for visitors and your target audience to collect information about your site’s products or other important elements. Moreover, PDF images are larger and can increase your bounce rate.

The solution to this problem is changing the PDF images to any other SEO optimized image format. The best image formats for SEO include Web, JPG and PNG. You can convert PDF to png, jpg or Web with the help of online tools. There are many free converter tools and apps available on the web that can help you change the format of PDF images and make them friendly for the search engine and the audience.

Problem with Large Size of PDF Files

One can face tons of problems with large sized PDF files. If you have a large PDF file, you can face trouble opening it, reading it, and sharing it. File sharing or uploading limit of PDF files is up to 25Mbs. If you have a large file, it can be very annoying and frustrating.

The solution to this problem is by using PDF compressor online free tools. Online PDF compressors can easily shrink down the size of your large PDF files without tampering with their quality and format. Here you should know that PDF compressor tools would work best for single-page documents. If the PDF file contains multiple pages, we would suggest you first separate PDF file pages online and then compress them!

End words

We have discussed the common PDF related issues and their solutions in this post. If you have faced any of these problems with your PDF files, you can easily try the above solutions. Thanks to online PDF management tools, it has become easy for everyone to deal with common PDF issues!

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