A Good Morning Poetry: Your Daily Dose of Well-Wishes

You can use these lovely Good Morning poetry lines for your loveliest ones.

“Wohi To Faisla Karta Hai, Pathar Kay Muqaddar Ka
Kisy Thokar Pay Rakhna Hai, Kisy #Aswadd Banana Hai”

*Good Morning*

“Sooraj Ki Pehli Kiran

Din Ka Pehla Pehar

Panchion Ki Pehli Chehchahaahat

Dhanak Ka Pehla Rang

Hawa ki Thandi Sansanahat

Subha Ka Pehla Khumar”

*Good Morning*

“Waadiyon Se Sooraj Nikal Aya Hai

Fizaaon Me Naya Rang Chaaya Hai

Khaamosh Qiyon Ho Ab To Muskurao

Ap Ki Muskaan Dekhny Naya Sawera Aya Hai”

*Good Morning*

“Manzil Ko Paany Ki Ho Tarap Jinko


Wo Log Youn Der Tak Soya Nahi Karty”

*Good Morning*

Why Do We Need a Good Morning Poetry?

Why Do We Need a Good Morning Poetry?

So much of a morning, and hence so much of a day, is spent within. People spend most of the time between getting up and going to work, thinking about their work, worrying about it, mapping out their day in their heads, trying to remember all of it before the alarm goes off. It is just too hard to get out of bed, focus, and do any of it, and one often ends up going back to sleep. Some may think that people who are asleep during the morning are mad. Still, if it were not for the fact that one doesn’t have to be out and about before noon, the person doing all this would have to be doing it the whole day so often that the urge to do things is simply overcome by the fact that you don’t have any energy to do it, all because of a lack of focus. And who doesn’t want to be motivated?

What is a Good Morning Poetry?

Well, it’s about the simple magic that is waking up. It’s like taking the first breath in the morning, which is exciting because it fills you with the curiosity of what is around the next corner. It makes the beginning of your day more exciting and more adventurous. And it may not be only about the possibility of an exciting day ahead. Still, it could also be about the simple magic of being in the presence of an old friend and of experiencing their company. The good-morning poetry doesn’t focus on the baby or the beautiful sunrise that lights up the city and makes you feel lucky.

How to Start Your Day With a Smile

We love to start each day by greeting our loved ones with an extra sweet good morning message. This will get your day off to a positive start and spread a positive vibe throughout your household and workplace. Read this daily poetry featuring friends and family. Every night when you go to bed, Your pet dog’s tail starts wagging, And when you wake up in the morning, Your cat does a thumping stretch And if that’s not enough, Your kids start singing them a lullaby. Each time you see them happy, Your mood brightens up, And it makes you smile. I do wish they’d sing it in tune, though. But that’s nothing new. That’s just part of getting old. Don’t let age show. Sometimes when you turn 50, You stop listening to your body.

The Importance of Having a Good Morning Poetry

To start your day on a happy note. And let your mind clear of all the worries you had this morning. The poetry will cheer you up and remind you to keep on smiling. Do you have good morning poetry? Leave a comment or share this with your friends. You can also create free poetry. About the author According to the age, my mom was a happy person. My mom had a soft and gentle nature. She used to take my brother and me to play. She used to make us laugh. Even on the days when we did not know what to do with our lives, she used to pray for us and make us feel good about ourselves. When I was younger, I remember how I used to like to play with my mother’s hair (she was skinny, so I used to hang it). My mother liked cooking. She had a wonderful smile, and she used to sing often.


Trouble making me smile? The world should be fully prepared for another Instagram contest of sorts, with a portion of the proceeds from participants who are not quite as well-spoken as the first. What a sight that would be: a video of people struggling to be kind and thoughtful to one another and post it on social media. Don’t worry, just wait; it’s coming soon! What’s your favorite nice-to-see-you-today poetry? Tell us in the comments.

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