Romantic Poetry For Lover in Urdu: Expressing Your Deepest Feelings, A Selection of the Best Words

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Introduction to Urdu Love Poetry

Romantic Poetry For Lover in Urdu

How would you like to be engaged or get married? If you’re engaged, you should know about your friends, family, and other people in your life. If you’re getting married, you should know about all the rituals people have to go through. Before proposing your proposal to the person you’re marrying, you should know their family background. You should also know their age, occupation, and income. These are some important questions that should be asked to help you prepare your proposal. To help you prepare your submission, you can see these romantic Urdu love poems. How To Write A Romantic Urdu Love Poem Read some romantic Urdu love poems that will help you write one yourself. Please read it and try to learn some things from it.

The Kinds of Urdu Love Poetry

There are different types of Urdu love poetry. These poetry genres include Shayari and Lijiye Jab Shayari. Shayari is a kind of Urdu love poem. It is poetry about a man and a woman. Shayari also has the meaning of love and emotions. Some popular famous and great Urdu poets in this category are Sahir Ludhianvi, Mir Taqi Mir, Noor Jehan, and Javed Akhtar. Lijiye Jab Shayari is Urdu poetry about love and emotions. Lijiye Jab is a kind of Urdu poetry that is easy to understand and understand. Lijiye Jab Shayari is a common type of Urdu romantic poetry that is about romance. Some famous Urdu poets in this genre are Baba Bulleh Shah and Hafeez Jullundhri. Love Quotes About Love in Urdu We have tried to find some beautiful and romantic Urdu quotes about love and romance.

Love Poetry in Urdu

There are many varieties of love poetry, but love poems in Urdu are pretty simple and easy to read. Some of the common types of Urdu poetry are Shayari and lijiye jab Shayari. Many famous poets in Urdu poetry have a unique role in love, and their poetry speaks about every love story. Shayari is poetry in Urdu that expresses love and emotions. The relationship between a man and a woman is called Shayari. It can also be said that Shayari also writes love stories. Click here for romantic Shayari in Urdu Lijiye Jab Shayari. “Lijiye Jab Shayari” is one of the famous types of love poetry. The name of this type of Urdu poetry is a short love poem. These short poetry can be easily read because Urdu is one of the best languages of poetry.

“Jannat Qubool Hai Hooron Ko Chor Kar

Me Apni Hoor Duniya Se Le Kar Jaon Ga”

“Teri Saadgi, Teri Aajazi, Teri Har Adaa Kamaal Hai

Mujhe Fakhar Hai, Mujhe Naaz Hai, Mera Yaar Be Misaal Hai”

“Me Hisaabon Main Ab Nahi Parta

Tumhen Bas Be Hisaab Chahta Hoon”

Romantic poetry for Lover in Urdu SMS

Summer is coming, and people of our country go to their workplace for nine months a year and enjoy the winters in the homes of their relatives. So naturally, people prefer having a romantic relationship with their special one on such occasions, some people say it’s a part of their culture, and some people think that there is no objective relation except reading love poetry and romantic poetry for lover in Urdu SMS and talking with your lover. Here I have gathered some of the best romantic poetry in Urdu for romantic couples on the internet. Valentine’s day and some romantic poems in Urdu for lovers SMS for romantic couple A man and a lady, Romance, and love at a time when you feel Completely half-baked with Your quirky Pomfrit and panhandle jokes.

“Ek To Lab Raseely

Uper se Unki Guftagoo

Qalam e Yaar To Arq e Ghulaab Jesa Hai”

“Kaajal Anchen, Hont Ghulaabi, Zulf

Aseery Gaal Pe Til

Dil Na Dety, Jaan Se Jaty, Saamny”

“Buhat Zor Se Chooma Is Ne

Mere Honton Ko Jaty

Waqt Kehny Laga Dor Ka

Safar Hai Kahin Pyaas Na Lag Jaye”

Excellent & Romantic Poetry for Lover in Urdu

When you are alone, there is no room for doubt. It has always been us; the less we are, the better we are, so forget yourself, and let your love for me be more robust, uncovering all your heart, displays of love are priceless. In Urdu, For Poetry Images for lover, Romance Urdu 2 line love poem, Romantic 2 line Urdu Love Poetry, Poetry SMS 2020 Read 2 line poem in Urdu Poetry, Romantic 2 line Urdu love poem for lovers in Urdu, Best 2 line Urdu poetry, This is a style of Urdu poetry and also known as an Urdu 2 line poetry. This is an excellent type of poetry with many levels, and these two verse Urdu poems have more depth to them, so to write a lot in this style, a person must have a creative mind.

“Nahi Ho Tum Hoor, Jaanta Hoon Me

Magar Koi Hoor Ap Jese Kahan”

“Apni Saanson Kay Daman Main Chupa Lo Mujh Ko

Teri Rooh Main Utar Jany ko Dil Chahta Hai”

Girlfriend SMS poetry in Urdu 2 lines love

Read on how 2 line Urdu poetry describes love, Romance, and the feeling of being in love in this modern world of smartphones and InternetInternet where mushak, Nazar, qaas, and jhuka don’t fit in anyhow. The electronic gadgets of the world have replaced all. Still, our humanity and feelings, like it is said, where we used to sing “sahan se nikalo, naah se nikalo” in our bards, now it has become a “sahan kahin nikalo, naah se kahin nikalo,” where one or the other type of modern electronic gadget has come between us, and made us emotional and shy about expressing love as we used to be. Things have changed so much now, and it’s hard for me to believe that the most romantic of all moods and feelings are still not possible in this advanced world of ours. You can also find good morning poetry from our site.

“Qiyon Dar Se Band Krty Ho Ankhen???

Yaqeen Karo Koi Choomne Se Nahi Marta”

“Kuch Log Wajib Ul Muhabbat Hoty Hain

Qiyon Kay Wo Dil Main Nahi Rooh Main Utar Jaty Hain”

“Tumhary Dil Main Qaid Hai Hamari Dharkanen

Dharakty Rehna Warna Mar Jayen Ge Hum”

Famous Poets in Urdu Love Poetry

Azad Ali Shah: He is the most famous poet of the Sindhi tribe. He wrote more than 70,000 love poems and dedicated his poetry to one woman. He is also known as “Langat-e-Begum” or “Chacha Angana.” He was a noted Sufi poet. His work “Layla and Majnun” is one of the most famous love poems in Urdu. Jawaharlal Nehru: The renowned author and politician wrote Urdu poems to tell his love story. His poem “Afsana” is popular among people all over the world. Iqbal Khaliq: He is known for the love poetry of “Ajnabi Akbarabadi.” He is one of the best poets of the Khudi genre of Urdu poetry. Muhammad Iqbal: He is one of the most famous poets of modern Urdu. His renowned poetry “Hafiz” tells a beautiful love story of Chishti and Qaisr and is very popular among people.


There are many love poems in Urdu, but the most famous are Shayari and Lijiye Jab Shayari. If you want to find the best way to express your love for Urdu poetry, then you should read them. You should also go through some Urdu romance novels to find love poetry that is different than usual. However, love poems are universal, and they will always be so. Now, let’s end this article with some romantic poetry in Urdu.

We have provided you some of the best, best two lines Shayari in Urdu for the love SMS. Do you like this article?

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