Best Places to Buy And Sell Plots in Lahore

Buying property is the best and most satisfying investment you can make in today’s world. While investing in property, you need to see the location in which you are investing. The current cost, value, future relevance, and price increase are all determined by the place of your plot or residence. Even in a slow market, good placement of residential plots or houses indicates a high level of interest from investors, to whom you can simply sell your property. If you are looking for plots for sale in Lahore, this blog will help you a lot.

Lahore is one of the safest and oldest towns in Pakistan. It has been a famous city since the time of the subcontinent. It is now the center of Punjab’s trade and business activities. People travel to Lahore for various reasons, including business and residence. Lahore has grown into a well-known and modern metropolis with all modern conveniences. Due to the secure atmosphere and easy access to modern utilities, Lahore’s societies are perfect for foreigners looking for well-furnished houses and apartments to live in.

In case you’re looking for a place to buy and sell plots in Lahore, Graana can help you narrow down your search to the top five areas in the city. You can easily find the prices of houses, plots, and apartments like Johar Town, Bahria Town, and homes for sale in DHA Lahore on the webpage. Apart from these localities, plots for Sale in capital smart city Lahore and plots for Sale in Wapda Town Lahore also provide the best properties to its residents. Given the security situation and easy access to modern facilities like electricity, sanitation, cleanliness, and others, the following list of areas is the perfect place to buy and sell plots in Lahore.

DHA, Lahore:

You can find a 5 Marla and 10 Marla in the price range of as low as 65 lakh and as high as 2.15 crore. 1 Kanal plot in this community can have prices between Rs 38 lakh to Rs 6.5 crore. 1 Kanal house for sale in DHA Lahore range from 1.5 Lakh to 3.5 lakh. Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore are also easily available which makes the DHA the best place to buy and sell plots in Lahore.

Johar Town, Lahore:

Johar metropolis, the Lahore Expo Centre, and Emporium Mall are second a number of the pinnacle regions with the first-rate housing societies in Lahore. There are multiple plots for buying and selling in Johar town Lahore. The price range for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots for sale in Johar Town Lahore is as low as 75 lakh and as high as two crores. The price range for the I Kanal plot for sale is as low as 2.25 crore to as high as 4.5 crores.

Bahria Town Lahore, an artistically beautiful and perfectly constructed gated community, is yet another great neighborhood in the City of Gardens with the best buying and selling properties. Those interested in buying a plot in Bahria Town can avail 5 and 10 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanal in a reasonable price range.

 They are given below:

•    10 Marla residential plot is Rs 70 Lacs to Rs 1 Crore.   

•     1 Kanal residential plot is Rs 1.05 Crores to Rs 3.5 Crores

Bahria Town also offers 2 Kanal plots ranging between PKR 1.5 to 5 crore. You can find many 5-marla, 10-marla, and 1-Kanal houses for sale in Bahria Town Lahore in a reasonable price range.

Valencia town, Lahore:

Another famous town in Lahore where you can buy and sell houses is Valencia Town. House for sale in Valencia town with a reasonable price range is readily available which provides the best facilities to its residents. The price range for 1 Kanal house and 2 Kanal house ranges from 1 crore to 3 crores. At the same time, the price range for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots for Sale in Valencia Town Lahore varies from as low as 85 lakh to as high as 1.75 crores.

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