Tips For Styling Your Curly Hair Prosthesis Or Wig

Usually, men and women with cancer who are going to lose their hair due to chemotherapy treatment and also people who suffer from total or partial alopecia do not want their image to change. This is also the case with men and women with curly hairstyle. Do you want to know the different hair solutions for people with curly hair? Do you want to know how to style a curly hair prosthesis or wig? We explain it to you!

To keep your wig or your curly hair cut style prosthesis in perfect condition for longer and avoid undesirable scares, it is very important that you follow our advice when it comes to maintenance and styling. This is different depending on the type of hair.

How to Style a Natural Hair Curly Hair Prosthesis or Wig

When it comes to maintaining your wig or natural hair prosthesis, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must use the appropriate professional curly hair products such as those we recommend in online cosmetology school. The hair of the prostheses and wigs is very dry hair because it is not attached to the scalp and it is not nourished by the nutrients that it contributes to the hair. Once you have the appropriate curly hair products you must follow the following steps:

  • It is very important to detangle and dry comb the hair prosthesis or the natural hair wig . You should always start with the ends, then continue through the middle and the last should be the upper area of the wig or prosthesis. That way you will avoid dragging the hair from the upper area to the lower areas, forming larger knots. On the other hand, combing it as we say will prevent the hair from breaking.
  • Once you have your natural hair wig or your prosthesis well detangled, you have to put it on a cork or rubber head to wash it . First you wet it well, then you put the shampoo or shampoo for natural hair wigs on top and distribute it well with a skeleton comb . It is very important not to rub the hair!
  • Afterwards, the hair is rinsed and mask is applied and left on for at least 20 minutes so that it penetrates perfectly into the hair. To apply it you must do as with the shampoo: put it on top and distribute it well with the skeleton comb.
  • Again you rinse it with plenty of water and then remove the excess moisture with a towel without rubbing the hair.
  • Once both products have been applied you can proceed to dry it. Drying of curly hair bangs is always associated with the diffuser but in the case of wigs and curly hair style girl prostheses it is important to know that it is better to let it air dry and work it with your hands, in this way we will prevent it from tangling.

How To Style a Synthetic Curly Hair Girl Wig

Synthetic hair wigs have the disadvantage that the finish is not so natural but the advantage that when combing them is much easier and after washing them they recover their hairstyle by letting them air dry.

To maintain synthetic wigs it is also very important that you use the appropriate products. Not just any shampoo, mask, etc. will work. of natural hair but you must use products designed for this type of wig. We already share an article in which we explain step by step how to do it. But we summarize it briefly for you:

  • Detangle the synthetic wig with a wide tooth comb (never a brush).
  • Put it on a cork head, wet it with cold water always and wash it with the shampoo for synthetic hair wigs.
  • Rinse it and also put the specific conditioner on it. Let it act for at least 5 minutes.
  • Remove excess water with a towel (without rubbing it) and let it air dry.
  • To comb it, wait until it is dry. This is important to prevent the fiber from spoiling. You can comb it with a wide tooth comb or simply with your fingers. Too easy!

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