Décor Ideas to Go with Your Christmas Lights

Christmas decorations are all about making your home come alive with lights and colors. You have your Christmas tree as the centerpiece where most of the décor items go and then the rest of your house will copy the same theme and colors you have adopted for the living room. Some people however only focus on the trees and decorations without giving much thought to just how much Christmas lights can completely revamp your space for the holidays.

Best Christmas Lights For Your House

Not all houses will require the same types of Christmas lights. Some houses may be a bit dark and so need a bit more Christmas lights, whereas others prefer dimly lit rooms during Christmas and therefore LED lights may not be the ideal choice. Since Christmas usually comes in winter, having incandescent Christmas lights could do a lot of wonders since you not only get a soft glow, but the heat from the bulbs can keep you cozy at night.

Your hallways also need new lights for the holidays. Luckily, you don’t have to find an electrician to redo your lighting, simply buy the rechargeable light fixtures which you can stick on the wall anywhere you like. These lights are great since you can easily move around with them and you can have them in various sizes and shapes.

Doing Your Own Paper Decorations

Paper decorations are the best type for the holidays because you can basically style them anyway you want. You can add nice messages to your loved ones and shape them to cover your light fixture. This is a nice European style décor idea that you can try at home. It is cheap and easy to make and therefore should be quite idea for most spaces in your home.

Play with String Lights

String lights are fast becoming a trend even for younger people hoping to create stunning DIY light fixtures. You can put string lights inside bottle and any other tricky areas. String lights come with varying strengths and so you should at least try to make a variety of bottle lights of varying radiance to create a spellbinding effect. The good thing with string lights is that their light is very limited and therefore you don’t have to dim your other lights.

How to Pair Candles and Other Christmas Lights

We can all agree that candlelight is unique and no other light source can replace candles in virtually every room in the house. You can use candles to decorate your bathroom, bedroom and even on your mantle for Christmas. You can buy from the store any size and shape of candles you want, but I’d advise for something that is understated and inexpensive. You can also decide to make unique candles on your own. The process is quite simple and it involved melting non scented, white candles and adding fabric softer and detergent to the boil. Once the mixture is ready, you can create any shape of candle you want by pouring it into your preferred container.

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