Fashion Guide To Semi Formal Dresses For Autumn

The season is finally changing from unbearable hot summer that only allows for lightweight clothing made from breathable fabrics like Lawn and Cotton. Now that the evenings are much cooler and temperatures are starting to lower with each day, there are a lot more options available to women in Semi Formal Dresses. Fabric materials like silk, linen, chiffon and georgette can be used to create flowing and beautifully draped gowns for festive occasions like weddings, dinner parties and special holidays.

The thicker fabrics such as jacquard, velvet, corduroy, stonewash, raw silk and viscose are ideal for cold weather as they retain body heat keeping you warm throughout the evening. Creating a formal dress using thicker fabric can ensure that you won’t have to layer with a sweater or coat that could hide the design of the dress. We have selected our favourite Semi Formal Dress designs for the Fall season to inspire you to revamp and upgrade your wardrobe:  You can buy these dresses online as well through shopping search engines or stores like, daraz etc.

The Elegant Net Cape Dress 

A fairytale is not complete without the princess transforming herself with a gorgeous gown at the end of the story. The design of wearing a cape has its origins dating back to the year 1066, it was a layer of fabric that matched the rest of the outfit covering the shoulders and torso providing warmth without compromising on aesthetics. The legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel created a modern cape dress in the 1930s that has since been adapted and inspired designers for generations. The eastern adaptation of the cape dress has a bejewelled embroidered bodice that is cut by hand and embellished using scallops and cutwork designs that can be worn on classical gowns, straight pants or traditional lenghas. 

Embroidered Long Coat

A long coat has a structured silhouette with strong shoulders and long sleeves that will make you appear thinner and taller. It can be worn on top of many different designs depending on the occasion. Having an embroidered long coat in your wardrobe will be a statement piece of clothing that can be matched with solid colour straight formal pants, shalwar kameez and jeans. The long coats are usually embellished using a statement embroidered motif that is placed like ad broch on the chest. Necklines can also be decorated using colour threadwork or gold tread making them suitable for weddings and formal occasions. An embroidered long coat can have a warm lining inside that will keep you warm on a chilly evening making sure you can stay relaxed and comfortable while looking glamourous.

Velvet Kaftan Dresses

The original Kaftan dress design originated from the time of the Ottoman empire. These regal long flowing dresses are draped over the body as a single garment without cutting out sleeves. They are draped over the arms and usually have a small wrist-sized space for the arms. Kaftans are similar to modern maxi dresses but are considered to be festive, formal, and unique in their ethnic design. The necklines, armhole, and border of the dress are embellished using gold threadwork. The neckline is usually kept the heaviest as it holds the dress in place over the body and replaces the need to wear any heavy jewelry. The Velvet Kaftan is a modern interpretation of the classical Turkish dress that can be worn to parties, weddings, and dinners.

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