How To Start Writing A Thesis: Advice From Experts

Each graduating student of the college, after graduation, must write and defend a graduation qualifying paper, or in other words – a thesis, or a MSc Dissertation, respectively, the question arises – how to write a thesis? Many resort to the help of different companies and we have one in mind that writes dissertations, and we will talk about how to write a thesis on your own along with it.

How To Choose A Topic For Your Thesis

First of all, do not panic. All the college students come through this stage, so you are not alone. Also, do not be shy to ask for help. You will save your time and avoid making mistakes. There are plenty of custom writing services available online nowadays, therefore, it makes it to where the choice varies. is one of them. This is a professional service on thesis writing, which is cheap but let it not scare you off. Many believe it is a sign of a bad service but reviews of many happy customers say otherwise. You will get assistance from the best expert in the area of thesis writing and will be able to defend in the best possible way.

Secondly, look at the list of all the proposed topics, if none of them interest you, then we suggest answering a series of questions, after which the choice of topic will not become troublesome.

  • What subject in your specialty interests you the most?
  • Was there a topic on which you would like to find additional information after class?
  • Remember all the term papers and laboratory work, is it possible to write a thesis based on them?

Even if after that you were unable to choose a topic, then there is a one-size-fits-all solution to choose a completely new topic that is not on the lists, but which you will be happy to insight.

How To Start Writing A Thesis


Human nature is arranged so that it is easier to work according to a plan. Therefore, we recommend that before starting to write a custom paper, draw up a plan, you can mention:

  • Thesis structure
  • What information needs to be collected
  • What literature to read


After you have a plan, be sure to write down the approximate deadlines for each item, so you have time to get the job done on time.

Academic supervisor

Before writing, be sure to talk with your supervisor or teachers, you can determine the goals and objectives of your thesis with them, as well as ask everything that at the initial stage may not be clear to you. After all, that’s what you need a supervisor for.

After you have a plan, a list of references, and a couple of good tips from a supervisor, you can proceed directly to writing the paper like a professional.

What Program To Choose For Writing A Thesis

Modern programs make it possible to simplify any task, the most convenient option is MS Word, most people have this program on their personal computers. Simple interface, variety of functions is what makes this program so popular. True, there is one drawback – MS Word is included in the Microsoft Office software package and is paid. But do not be upset if you do not have the opportunity to purchase this program, it has an analogue called OpenOffice. Almost everything is the same, only for free. It should also be recalled about MS Excel, where you can work with tables. Formulas, graphs – all this will help you write a good thesis.

How To Write A Thesis

It should be noted that the thesis has a well-defined structure. To write a paper correctly, you need to understand what it consists of, here is a sample:

  • Title page.
  • Content.
  • Introduction.
  • Main body.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of used sources.
  • Appendixes.

1. The title page is the “face” of your work, it indicates:

  • Theme of work
  • Who is the author of the work
  • What department are you from?
  • Who is your academic supervisor

2. Content – in fact, what your work will be about, do not take it out of your head, take the data from the training manual or ask your supervisor.

3. Introduction – Here it is worth mentioning what you wrote about, more precisely, what problem you raised, its relevance and ways to solve it, on average, the volume is 1-3 pages.

4. The main body – most often consists of 3 chapters:

The first one is just theory.

The second is data collection, compilation of tables, graphs.

The third is the research itself, the practical part.

5. Conclusion – draw conclusions, draw a line under your research, show a solution to a previously raised problem.

6. List of sources used – Here you need to mention what literature you used when writing your thesis, on average you need to take 20-25 sources, also pay attention to relevance (no later than 3 years).

7. Appendixes – this includes supporting materials in the form of drawings, diagrams, reference materials.

How To Write A Thesis For College

College graduate work a student needs to prepare online is not much different from high school graduate work. The student chooses a topic and writes a paper on it. The main thing to know is that the work is of an experimental and practical nature, that is, you will have to go through the pre-graduation practical training and to write a thesis based on it. And also follow the rules in the design of the work that the college provides you.

How To Write A Thesis On Preschool Education

To successfully write this paper, we suggest that you use all the tips that we gave you above. The topic of preschool education is very broad, so you should not have any problems with writing it. But to make it easier for you, we will give you an example of several topics to choose from:

  • Aggression in preschool age.
  • Adaptation of children of primary preschool age to the conditions of kindergarten.
  • Appliqué works as a means of developing creative abilities in preschool children.

A few more tips to follow:

In conclusion, we would like to give a couple of useful tips:

  • If you nevertheless jumped to the conclusion that you cannot write a diploma on your own, then we advise you to approach the choice of writing company responsibly. The team of custom service includes teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences.
  • And the most important advice that everyone understands, but no one uses is to start writing a thesis in advance, and not at the last minute. After all, it is much easier to devote 2-3 hours of time over several weeks than to try to do all the work at the very end.
  • Come to defend your thesis wearing a nice and neat dress or suit, so you will show that you have approached the task with full responsibility.

And then again, don`t hesitate asking for assistance if you feel like you cannot make it on one’s own. This is what such companies are meant for, to help those you need help. They are like Peter Pans in the world of college assignments, your little helpers behind the pen of each expert there is a huge helping hand and heart.

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