Discover how to style a disheveled tousled short haircut thanks to this simple tutorial and show off your express look to wear in Spring and Summer. The disheveled look is one of the fashionable hairstyles for boys and girls that will be a hit this year 2021 and remained trendy in Touched by an Angel Salon. Do you dare?

What is Tousled Short Hairstyle?

Although we think it is a current and modern haircut, the truth is that the tousled look comes from the 1920s. In this decade, female empowerment began to dazzle half the world. Within the nonconformity of the time, many specialists in fashion, celebrities and models saw in the disheveled hairstyle of men an opportunity to express what they felt.

This best tousled short hair style traveled all over the world, resulting in the term garçon cut , giving women to take control of their freedom and strong personality.

In the case of boys, the disheveled look has become more relevant thanks to pop culture, which has produced great artists, writers and athletes who have discovered that short and disheveled hair gives a feeling of freedom and eternal youth.

What Do I Need for Tousled Hairstyle?

The first thing you need is to have wet hair, take the opportunity to take a shower and leave all the following items ready for when you are drying:

  • Tousled Look Cream
  • Giorgi Hair Styling Water
  • Towel
  • Hair comb
  • Dryer

Tousled Short Hairstyle Step By Step Guide

This trick is valid for both men and women, that is why it is perfect for this year 2020. You will see that it will take you little time and effort to make it ideal for you:

Dries hair

After washing your hair, the first thing you will need is a towel for initial drying. Do not be too careful in this step, because the good thing is that you will need your hair to be damp.

If you prefer, you can use the dryer, but try not to let all the water evaporate from your hair, so that we can take advantage of it in the following steps.

Apply gel or wax

Once we have slightly dried the hair, we apply a nut of the product in one hand and distribute it well.

Then, with our hands, we spread it all over our hair.

Tousled effect

This is the most important step, and you will even see that it is the most fun and easy of all. And see that the whole process is simple!

When you distribute the gel or wax in the hair, give it an irregular shape not to curtain bangs, give definition and volume to your hair and detach it with ease so that it is as you want.

Giorgi Hairstyle Water Touch

Once you have shaped your hair with your hands, give it a final touch so that it is natural and rebellious as you like it.

Apply a little Lacquer Toque Final 5 Giorgi and be surprised with the disheveled look. Now you are done, you have already achieved a tousled hairstyle with little effort. Now go out there and dazzle the world with your strong personality and empower your freedom.

This spring and summer of 2021 we are not resisting.

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