QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

With an array of exceptional services provided by QuickBooks, there are ample technical problems too that occur sometimes. This is with regards to using QuickBooks software, where the user may feel problems running in the software. It is not uncommon for any software to detect technical glitches, errors, and complications. Similarly, when you use QuickBooks Services for accounting, bookkeeping, and financial tasks, facing errors is pretty common. QuickBooks Unrecoverable.

But the best part is, Intuit has provided the user with ways and means to overcome the glitch. Problems related to data, network error, transaction issues, online installation, etc. are some of them. While there is also another unrecoverable error that will put you into a tough situation. Here is everything you should know.

What is QB Unrecoverable Error?

Once most common kind of error in QuickBooks occurs usually when you try to access the company file. Even when you click on the save, ship, and print icon, this kind of error pops out at the top of your transaction.

The main aim and indication that the error tries to tell the user is, software experiencing ‘critical application fault’

The unrecoverable error tends to display different sorts of numeric error codes, this contains 10 digits that too in a 5-digit space sequence. In this article, we will guide you about fixing the error and getting your QuickBooks fully functional.

How to figure out it is a QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

Identification of the error is extremely crucial; only then can you make necessary adjustments for the same. Let us discuss the possible sign and symptoms if your QuickBooks is going through a technical glitch of this kind.

  1. Sudden crash of your QuickBooks as you open and work on your software
  2. The updating process is hindered, unfunctional and crashes leading to stoppage 
  3. In the case of the main program window classes, the unrecoverable error is displayed on the screen
  4. QuickBooks didn’t close properly
  5. Computer hangs a lot and system clutter
  6. Files are getting corrupted 
  7. Your security programs are marked unsafe
  8. Massive data damage
  9. QuickBooks often freezes, unfunctional
  10. File as well as transaction remains unsaved.

Company File copied to your Desktop

  1. Changing your company file location is also a good option. You can follow the below-mentioned steps, 
  2. Open your folder in which the company file is situated and then through the locate option find your QBW file
  3. Copy, paste your file on the Desktop
  4. Now, launch your QuickBooks by pressing your Ctrl Key until the application pop up with ‘No Company Open’
  5. Further, click on Open and then browse to the entire file you’ve copied on the Desktop, move by clicking Open.

Auto Data Recovery

  1. One can use Auto data recovery software to restore the backup. 
  2. If you follow a proper QuickBooks services auto data recovery procedure, you can be able to recover your data easily in no time.
  3. You might also be able to solve the Unrecoverable error that is troubling you.

Troubleshoot QB application

  1. If you figure out all the above options failed, you can troubleshoot the QuickBooks Application. 
  2. First, Reboot.exe should be run to re-register the QuickBooks object on your Window
  3. Then, you need to manually repair your Microsoft.NET file framework that is installed on your system
  4. You need to further perform a clean Re-install for your QuickBooks software
  5. Moving on, run your QuickBooks components repair tool for all the damaged files and components.

Stop Software for Opening all the windows at Startup

  • One very best way to avoid QuickBooks’s unrecoverable error. 
  • Press your ‘Alt Key’ and then double click on your QuickBooks Application Icon
  • Now, the system will display a prompt for ‘User password’, the user has to release ‘Alt Key’ and then type the password in it. 
  • Moving on, the user requires to click on the ‘Ok tab’ as the application launches, hit the ‘Alt Key’ 
  • Last is, you need to release your ‘Alt Key’

Use QB Install Tool Hub

  1. Firstly, close your QuickBooks and the related processes from your Task manager
  2. Further, download and then run your QuickBooks clean install tool. 
  3. Keep your QuickBooks License Number as well as your Product Code Information ready, as it will be required for the next step. 
  4. Now, access your Control panel
  5. In that, select QuickBooks from your installed program 
  6. Further, uninstall and change the top, follow the Uninstall instruction stretching towards the end
  7. Make sure you update your window and then restart your device
  8. Download the software and then run your setup, follow the instruction given and check if you can access the software again.


You will thus get rid of the QuickBooks Unrecoverable error if you follow the above steps. Do not forget that a single missing out on step can affect your recovery process. Be very careful and get rid of it. Allow yourself to make great use of the software!

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