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VPN is the best solution to online business earning revenue. Brand Loyalty on Consumer Behavior with regards to the Clothing Industry in Karachi, Pakistan. As everyone is aware, the clothing industry belongs to the category of the most in-demand and desired industries in Pakistan. Especially amongst the female gender. With the growing passage of time, the population of Pakistan is gradually facing a change in their lifestyle and hence clothing choices. Thereby converting their ‘wants’ for branded and different kinds of clothing into ‘needs’ instead. Most of the individuals ranging from a child to an octogenarian in Pakistan. Instantly name a few of their preferred brand choices as far as clothing is concerned and would also exhibit ‘heart loyalty’ or ‘hand loyalty’ when it comes to their brand choices. 

Using VPN For Building Brand

According to Fournier (1998), people tend to define themselves by various means. One of which is by becoming associated with a particular brand. For example, we tend to hear about the ‘iPhone Users vs Android Users’ debate. We can discern that while both are smartphone users, they have attached themselves to a particular Operating System. We will distinguish their tastes and preferences based on their preferred Operating System. Brand attachment largely depends on past experiences as well as background (Belk, 1998).

Using VPN For Building Brand

Rising Brand With Right Marketing On Website Via VPN

Given the rise in the population and awareness amongst people in terms of fashion choices. The brands get the rise with the level of appearing before our eyes every single day. Thus leading to increased competition between clothing brands as well. In the world of buying and selling, every organization aims to achieve Brand Loyalty amongst it, consumers. As it gives them a competitive edge in the marketplace and provides benefits such as decreased advertising cost. The freedom to introduce premium-priced products and to increase the pricing of the products over time. Similarly, the clothing industry in Pakistan thrives upon the aspect of Brand Loyalty as that helps them improve their sales. Regardless of the political or economic conditions of the country.

Consumers With Digital World

Consumers in Pakistan are becoming highly brand conscious day by day as a result of increased exposure and awareness. Brought on by the digital age where they can learn more about fashion choices through TV and the internet People in Pakistan. May even refer to plenty of their fashion choices based on the decade, for example, 80s style or 90s style clothing. Previously, the fashion and clothing industry could rely on consumers to purchase any kinds of clothes available. Since consumers were not as brand conscious or had any awareness before. 

However, in the current decade, most males as well as females in Pakistan (of all ages). They are aware of their fashion choices and will buy clothes based on decisions they have already finalized in their minds. If we compare the consumer of today to the consumer from half a century ago. The consumer knows about the top brands such as Khadi, Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed and a few others. The choices that consumers make are, in turn, based on previous experiences that they must have had, which must have been satisfactory from their perspective.

Customer Satisfaction Leading to Long-Term Revenue

Customer satisfaction can be derived from the brand experience that ultimately plays a crucial role in the development of brand loyalty. The adventures of a consumer with the brand determine whether or not the consumer wishes to stay loyal with the brand and buy from that particular brand consistently. Therefore, brands try their best to facilitate their customers by producing the product that goes in line with their demands. Gul Ahmed is considered the top brand, followed by Khaadi and Junaid Jamshed in consumer choices as of 2015.

There is little research to support and explore these brands’ marketing aspects, but if we consider the stats until 2015. The brands spent around PKR 11 billion on outdoor media alone, in the five major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Multan. While these brands do have their fair share of loyal customers. They have to spend on marketing to battle the continually growing competition from new emerging brands. Since other brands such as Bonanza Starangi, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Nishat Linen, and a few others continue to give fierce competition to already established brands, the established brands need to ensure that they keep on delivering the best kind of customer satisfaction through brand experience, thus maintaining brand loyalty in the long run. 

Brand Awareness – Research Analysis

According to Macdonald (2000), brand awareness indeed influences consumer decisions on a large scale. Since the consumer will immediately recall a particular brand or several brands when contemplating a certain kind of a purchase decision. 


A customer cannot become comfortable and buy a particular product unless a level of brand awareness is there (Roselius & Percy, 1987) we can understand the situation if we consider how a person may not be comfortable dealing with a stranger or someone they are not acquainted with, as opposed to someone they have known from a long time. Therefore, brand awareness also employs a significant role in positively affecting the purchase decision of consumers (Shabbir & et al, 2010). Last but of course not the least the shopping with respect to the online has no amount of restriction can shop any time anywhere (Xisofen & Yiling, 2009). This is the fact the variable and the factors analyzed sound to have a vast significant impact on the mode of shopping online (Salehi, 2012).

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