What are some good resources to learn Python?

Computers, as you may know, rely entirely on program code to work effectively. There are a plethora of programming languages accessible to aid developers in the creation of apps. Python is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and powerful high-level, interpreted, and general-purpose programming language. The Python programming language was created by Guido van Rossum in 1991.

In comparison to other languages like Java, Perl, PHP, and Ruby, Python is a frequently used dynamic programming language. It’s also known as a scripting language. It supports automated memory management, numerous programming paradigms, and incorporates object-oriented programming’s fundamental notions (OOP).

Python is a strongly typed procedural language that comes with a large and comprehensive standard library. Python’s library supports a variety of Internet protocols, including FTP and IMAP. It has a distinct grammar that distinguishes it from other programming languages such as Java, C++, and C.

Python also has the following outstanding features:

  • The language that is open source
  • This language is simple and straightforward to learn.
  • The language that is scalable and portable
  • High-level language

It is a common misconception that the programming language’s name is inspired by the snake Python. This is not the case. It comes from the name of a renowned television show called Monty Python’s Flying Circus. to

Python offers a lot of cool uses. It’s commonly utilized in complex content management systems like Plone and Django CMS, as well as frameworks like Django and Pyramid.

Top Tutorials Of Python For Beginners

These tutorials are appropriate for both novice and experienced programmers. You may learn and improve your Python coding abilities with the aid of these tutorials. Python certification courses are becoming important more and more.


If you want to explore and master coding abilities in Python, Udemy is the ideal place to start. It provides Python classes ranging from basic to advanced. With Udemy, you can study both Python 2 and Python 3 versions. It also covers Python’s advanced features, such as the collection module, decorators, and timestamps.

You can put your knowledge to the test with coding exercises after you’ve learned the concept. Later on, you’ll learn how to make games like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack in Python. You must first create an account on udemy.com to get started. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have completed the full course.

The following are some of the important principles covered in this tutorial:

  • Introduction of Python
  • Python objects and Data structure basics
  • Python statements

Learn Python the Hard Way

The most popular method for learning the Python programming language is to “Learn Python the Hard Way.” You don’t need to have prior coding expertise. From level 0 through higher levels, this tutorial will teach you all you need to know. It’s a free, open-source tutorial that’s available online for both beginners and seasoned programmers.

It allows you to put what you’ve learned to the test and put it into practice. It might, for example, give you a piece of code and ask you to guess or write the code’s output. Other languages such as Ruby, C, SQL, and JavaScript can be learned here.

The following are some of the key topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Names and variables
  • Text and strings
  • File reading and writing
  • Classes and objects
  • Components
  • File handling

Codecademy: What is Python Used For?

Codecademy is a new online learning platform that focuses on enhancing the learning experience overall. It provides free Python programming language training. It also has a free code editor for users to practice writing code, as well as a forum for users to discuss their problems with their friends and other members.

You must make an account on codecademy.com before you can begin a Python tutorial. Other programming languages such as Java, Android, and C++ may also be learned here.

The following are some of the important concepts covered in this tutorial:

  • Control flow and conditionals
  • Functions
  • List and dictionaries
  • Loops


The official documentation for the Python programming language may be found at Python.org. It aids both novice and professional programmers in their learning of Python. It’s one of the many free Python lessons available online.

Python.org has a wealth of resources and references for working with the language. It will start from the beginning and teach you all you need to know. Later on, you’ll be able to learn about more sophisticated topics like Python libraries.

The following are some of the important concepts covered in this tutorial:

  • Mutable and Immutable objects
  • PEP (Python enhanced proposals)
  • Generators and Iterators

Invent with Python

Invent with Python is a free online lesson that teaches you how to program in Python. If you’re a complete newbie, this lesson website is the greatest place to start.

It gives you an activity to test your abilities after each chapter, lesson, or idea. With the aid of the book “Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python,” you may also make games in Python.

The following are some of the important concepts covered in this tutorial:

  • Functional programming with Python
  • Object-oriented programming with Python
  • Getter and setter in Python


Pythonspot is the greatest place to go if you’re seeking Python-related lessons and information. It provides both beginners and skilled developers with free tutorials and high-quality materials relevant to the Python programming language.

It has divided the material of the course into levels of difficulty. For example, you will first learn about beginner-level ideas before progressing to higher ones.

The following are some of the important concepts covered in this tutorial:

  • Regular expressions
  • FTP client in Python
  • Python web development



However, the website AfterHoursProgramming.com is solely dedicated to providing programmers and developers with tutorials and reference resources. You can quickly learn the Python programming language and its related ideas here.

It includes a code simulator that enables users to build and publish code directly from their browsers.

The following are some of the important concepts covered in this tutorial:

  • Executing Python scripts
  • If statements
  • List
  • Exception

Google’s Python Class eBook

Most students are perplexed when it comes to selecting an appropriate online platform to learn languages such as Java, Ruby, C++, Python, and others. The Python class eBook from Google is a free resource for learning the Python programming language.

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It is more concerned with theoretical notions than with actual applications. It has structured all of the topics in a way that makes learning and understanding basic ideas easier. Apart from textual materials, it also includes lecture videos and a series of practical questions to put your skills to the test once you’ve finished each course.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there you go! All the resources mentioned above are perfect to begin your Python journey from!!

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