How to Use Safari Web Browser

Who doesn’t like a smart browser with catchy graphics and steady response? Web surfers find safari browsers quite interesting to use, although chrome and firefox are top of the list among the best browsers. In Spite of lacking the features, these two have, the safari web browser is still becoming famous due to its useful features. Its unique features allow a good browsing experience that is worth exploring. Let’s take an insight into those. Now get your work done quickly using this super handy feature of the safari browser.

Want to know the best part? With its app you can add your web pages into your list to read them later and browse the web.If you sign in to iCloud. You will find all your web pages on the device you are signed in.

Useful Features of Safari Web Browser

1.   Usage in Clearing Your Browsing History Without Loss of Core Data

Do the notification pop-ups annoy you? People find the location access requests and notifications quite annoying. But this won’t be a problem anymore if you have a safari browser. Here, your searching experience would be pretty handy and less exhausting. Frequent searches, HTML, and download lists create a bulk, removing which, is a good practice. But clearing search history means cutting off the familiarity of the browser with you. By clearing the web browsing history, your preferences will be lost. Thereby, you’ll have to reprioritize your site data. The permissions start popping up because the browser makes your recognition as a navigator. But you are safe if you are a browser user. It retains your preferences. To use this feature, go to your browsing history and just clear it. The core website data is never gone even if you clear search history.

2.   How to Use the Dashboard Widget

Safari web browser allows you to create a dashboard widget of any element. If you operate a macOS dashboard, this feature of safari would be useful. To take advantage of this feature, go to the webpage and open your file in the dashboard. For easy navigation, use your required web page as a side widget. Select a page, then click add to the dashboard. Now you can use your selected webpage as a dashboard widget. This useful feature of this amazing web crawler keeps your tabs pretty accessible for multitasking.

3.   Enable the Reader mode of Safari Browser

Reader mode is a pretty useful feature of this web browser. It reads out the sight consuming articles out loud for you. Click the four horizontal lined icons on the address bar  to switch to the reader mode. Or go to the “view” menu and click “show reader”. Upon enabling the reader mode, you can click the “start speaking” option  by going to thr edit menu. Now the safari web crawler is ready to narrate the relevant text.

4.   Customization of the Reader’s View  Display

Safari browser allows you to have a smooth reading experience. While reading, you can minimize unnecessary stuff on the page. Customization of reader mode is an interesting feature of this amazing web crawler. As you can personalize background color and fonts as well. To apply this feature, click the “show reader appearance” icon on the address bar. You’ll find many customizable options to explore.

5.   Easily Operate Opened Tabs

Switching between multiple tabs is not favourable in maintaining focus. It is time consuming as well. To get better visual effects and ease, you can create a thumbnail view of the opened tabs. You can use this feature by going to Show All Tabs which is a two-square shaped icon. By doing this, you can easily find your tabs as these are compiled together.  Whether you want to close the tabs of a section or want to switch to the other, it’s a useful feature of that web crawler. No matter whether you are an iOS, iCloud, or Mac user, you can use the open tabs feature of safari web crawler.

6.   How to Close Extra Tabs & Usage of Shortcut Keys

Don’t want to minimize your workspace? Now you have an option to close the tabs in a window without losing your workspace. Now there is no need to click the shortcuts or the close button many times. Give it one swap by using the keys cmd, option, and w. Hold the option key along with the open menu and this key will be visible. Otherwise, you’ll not see it in the file menu. You can also merge your windows together. Use this feature by going to the window and by clicking merge all windows.

7.   Upload Files Without the Use of On-site File Browser

Safari has another useful feature that you can take a tip from, to use in other web crawlers as well. File browsing window pop-ups are now conventional. Use that modern file uploading method via safari web crawler. Finder is a file finding tool in the safari browser which is a convenient method of selecting your files, even multiple ones. Open the tab, just drag your files to the tab, and you are done! Now get your work done quickly using this super handy feature of safari browser.

8.   How to Zoom up the Popup Menus and Text Fields

Use the Tab key for content highlighting on a web page in a fast manner. Tab highlights the pop menus and text. You can easily fill forms by using the Safari browser’s tab key shortcut. For highlighting the selected items, use another method i.e. go to safari, tick the check box, select Preferences, and then click advanced. Thereby, the webpage will be visible with highlighted items. Enable the toolbar on display in case you can’t find the toolbar button. Right-click on the toolbar, then click customize, and enable the display by dragging the icon from the fly-out box which appears on your screen.


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The above-elaborated features and their respective methods of use, make your online work better and smooth. Features of Safari Browser are pretty handy, fast-paced, and comes with super-smart features. Like it understands what sort of access a safari user really wants while browsing. The rapid advancement of technology requires the smartness of online tools. Innovative web crawlers like safari are helpful tools for streamlined research and multitasking experience.

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